Nixon unveils a new trailer of the first descendant for a month before the Steam test, and once again informs global players.

The new trailer of First Defendant, which was released at 0 o’clock on the 15th of the TGS opening day, was released in a different format than the existing video that emphasized the gameplay for about 1 minute.

The video configuration also added a video that adds a new footage and emphasizes the class image and name to the official trailer full version released in July. Earlier, the official trailer was able to see the epic attacks, the Bailey using the cold air attack, the tanker Ajax using the space distortion technology, and the proximity assassin Bunny, and the body with a full-body suit instead of JAB. You can also check the Ultimate Require, which protects. Unlike the existing videos provided in 60 frames, 24 frames limited the video regeneration rate and emphasized the feeling of movies.

The First Dependent, developed by Nixon Games, combines the genre-specific RPG element with a F2P coop root shooter, allowing you to select and play characters with different combat characteristics. In particular, fast battlefield movement and linkage action using grappling hooks, which are emphasized in the video, are also the main features of the game.

In addition, various types of giant bosses are required to play strategic plays to team up with other players because they threaten the player along with the strong dominance. In response, various team play elements such as the destruction of the boss’s armor and the destruction of the weaknesses, the extract of the boss, and the play of identifying and targeting the boss’s gimmick and pattern. In addition, three firearms and various auxiliary equipment can be used to attack the combat situation and the type of enemy.

However, the developers did not disclose the interfaces that are applied in the game or the play scenes that the actual player sees. The game’s steam test has been left for about a month and there is no large game event before the TGS test, so no more information is available for Nixon’s not preparing for a separate game showcase.

Meanwhile, Nixon will develop and introduce a number of PCs and console-based works such as Bed Expert, Haven, Cart rider Drift, and Traders and The Finals of Embark Studio, which have been officially named by Bed Expert, and recently. To be.

Nixon will conduct a beta test of First Dependent, which will be serviced by PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | s, etc. from 20 to 26.

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