TGS Capcom Online Announcement led to Kang-Kang-Kang-Kang-Kang-Kang

Cap com, a developer of the Monster Hunter and Biohazard (Resident Evil) series, conducted the TGS 2022 Cap com Online Program, which reveals new information including new works ahead of TGS. The event, which began at 11 pm on the 15th of Korea, dealt with five titles for about 50 minutes.

Monster Hunter Rise

Cap com’s signboard ‘Monster Hunter Rise’ was mainly about the second free title update on September 29. The first thing that was introduced was additional monster. In this update, ‘IEOM Hormone’ Tamamitsune Rare Ongoing, ‘extreme dragon’ Spinal subspecies, and ‘Overcoming’ ONUCI will be added.

All of these additional monsters drop their own materials, and hunters can use them to equipped new weapons, armor and skills.

-amamamitsune subspecies (MR 10 or more)

It deals with foam filled with flammable gas with Tamamitsune’s stylish, which has a soap bubble, and causes instantaneous explosion and continuous arson.

-Spinal subspecies (MR 10 or more)

It is an individual that appeared in the monster Hunter Frontier, which is more aggressive than Yo-jong. The flagship breath is the flagship that combines the power of the whole body.

-Overcoming Nazi (MR 110 or higher)

Nazi is a concept that overcomes the power after choosing a symbiosis with Curia. Although it was not a good handling of ‘Sun Brake’, this update came back with a new pattern.

In addition, the content of ‘bizarre investigation’ is expanded significantly. With the addition of the 6-star quest, the bizarre state of Gore-Magara, Spinal, Basel Gus, Yatsukadaki Lifter, and Trajan has been added, and the bizarre exploration also has a level upper limit of 120 As it rises, new beast materials are added. As a result, the weapons of the weapons are also enhanced to expand the slot and add more powerful effects. However, there is no change in terms of armor.

In addition, from this update, a ‘weapon insertion’ system will be added to the Monster Hunter Rise. As a result, the appearance is coveted, but it is possible to take advantage of the appearance of various weapons that are not chosen due to performance problems. In addition, Cap com plans to update the event quest every week and update new equipment, gestures and poses.

Bio Hazard

The Biohazard Series is the main news of the Biohazard Village Gold Edition, which will be released on October 28. Cap com introduced ‘Winter’s Expansion Pack’, a DLC that will be included in the Gold Edition in line with the release of the Gold Edition. The Winters Expansion Pack consists of three contents.

-3rd person mode

You can enjoy the original story mode in a third person. As a result, Ethan Winters’ action and movement, which were not originally not seen, were seen, and actions such as kicks were also reinforced to enhance the completeness of the game.

-Mari somewhere else order

The fast tempo mode, ‘Mechanical Order’ mode, will expand further. ‘Heisenberg’ and ‘Dmitry Cash’ appear as new playable characters, and in the case of Dmitri, the monster is a magical scene that looks like a dwarf.

-Shadow of Rose

It is an independent story content that is the main character of Rose Winters, the daughter of the main character Ethan Winters, after 16 years. Like the original, it supports a third-person mode and is set in the background of Rose’s consciousness, not a real place. Because of this, you can use surreal abilities, and monsters are also very powerful.

In addition, the number of platforms supporting biohazard villages increases. You can now play Biohazard Village with ‘MacBook Pro’ and play in all MacBook models using M1 and M2 chips. It also supports cloud gaming through the switch, and the switch cloud version can also be played before the previously released remake Re: 2 and Re: 3. The expansion platform version will be distributed on October 28, and the Winter’s Expansion pack of the expansion platform version will be distributed on December 2.

Lastly, the news of the biohazards was completed, saying that the current biohazard Re: 4 only supported the 9th generation console, which is currently being developed, but the Biohazard-related news was completed. Cap com said it will deliver more information in the biohazard showcase, which is scheduled to be held next month.

Expo Primal

The news of Cap com’s new IP, which released a new trailer on the day, also continued. Expo Primal is an online-only team-type action game, an action game that deals with the confrontation between exomoon pilots and dinosaurs, a neutral aptitude object at once. It is set in 2040, when dinosaurs began to pour out as the space of space and space opened.

The player will start the game by falling into Victor Island by suddenly caught up in the giant Vortex in 2043, three years after the disaster, three years after the disaster. On the island, the protagonist solves the conflict between the endless Wages, the pouring dinosaurs, and the pilot, and heads to the center of the secret.

The characteristics of ‘Expo Primal’ are various posters. Each exomoon has a fixed role and concept, and on this day, a long tanker, Murasaki, and a supporter class ‘Sky wave’, which can be flight. In addition to the official released characters, Exits using huge shields were also confirmed. These experts can be customized in the form of gamers through color, decorations, and stickers.

In addition, there was also an introduction to special dinosaur objects that appeared mainly in the game. Diloposaurus, which emits poisonous dogs, a huge and agile Karnotaurus, and ‘Neo Tyrannosaurus’, which were transformed into bizarre forms, were unveiled at the event.

Rock man EXE Advanced Collection

Rock man EXE series released in 2001. The Rock man EXE Advanced Collection, which combines all the 10 numbering works, will be released in 2023 with Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Steam.

In the Advanced Collection, it includes a high-definition filter mode that softens the screen depiction, a gallery mode containing more than 1000 illustrations, and a music player that can listen to 188 BMS, and 3D Rock man on the title selection screen that reproduces the PET screen. Navigating yourself.

Currently, Cap com is developing a communication mode that will enable online play in the Advanced Collection ahead of its launch, and each series will support online communication warfare and chip transactions.

The Rock man EXE Advanced Collection will be released as a collection of 10 works, and will be released as Vol.1 and Vol.2, which contains five works each.

Street Fighter 6

Additional information on Street Fighter 6, which was announced in June, was also released. At the event, there were three major modes of the game, ‘World Tour’, ‘Fighting Ground’, and ‘Battle Herb’ and four war characters.

-World Tour Mode

Open World content that seems to have been melted into the brand of Street Fighter by combining the ‘Michelle’ mode of EA Sports Game and the gameplay of Dragon Ball Gene Bus. The player can use the characters that are freely customized as an aspiring student, and they are wandered around the world and are reborn as a strong fighter.

In the process, you can meet ‘Master’ and pass on the secrets to learn master technology, or to be someone’s teacher, and to experience various combat situations including Dada Battle as well as 1: 1. At this time, while exploring the world, various technologies can be used freely, and the event showed a strange figure flying between the building and the building with the symbol of Country.

-Fighting ground

Daemon mode of traditional match action game. At the event, four additional war characters were introduced, but the limbs still stretches, but ‘Dualism’, which has been turned into a person closer than a person, ‘Honda’, which reduces body fat and becomes muscular, and Brazilian ‘Blanca’ Ken, the second person of the tradition that changed his appearance, appeared.

In addition, a separate match mode called ‘Extreme Battle’ was added to the fighting ground. It is a Daemon mode that adds a variety of gimmicks and variables, such as a mode to win 5 times, or a mode that fights between the bombs that burst when they are hit by a certain number.

-Battle Herb

Battle Hub is a fictional social space that can enter an avatar made from the World Tour, and is a mode where you can enjoy various contents with other players. In the Battle Hub, you can sit in front of the arcade board and enjoy other players with other players, participate in its own tournament, shopping for decorating elements, and dance to DJ’s beats.

In addition, ‘Battle Herb’ mode can be enjoyed in advance through the CBT, which will be held for four days from October 7 to 10.

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