Prior To RevierDeby: 12-year-old harmed by glass container toss on the face

According to the government police, there is a suspicion of a busted nose in the child, he needed to go to a medical facility.
The government cops are currently examining for dangerous bodily harm and also presenting a 20-year-old from Gelsenkirchen at the train station in Castrop-Rauxel.
He had actually tossed a glass bottle from the waiting S2 towards travel and also struck the 12-year-old on the face.
The Schalke fan admitted the criminal offense on website and instantly apologized to the young boy from Castrop-Rauxel.
In the relief trains, with which around 1400 fans from Gelsenkirchen had actually reached Dortmund Central Station, federal authorities officers discovered several property damages.

The ceiling cladding was harmed in one train.
Additionally, the slice of a door was faulty.
Unknowns had actually tossed the train on the outside trip with previously unknown objects, the piece splintered.
An investigation into residential or commercial property damages was taken.

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