Players quickly defined stock management as a problem in disney Dream light Valley. The game tells you in advance that to increase the size of your initial storage chest, you need to update your house in exchange for star coins. However, only the second update level costs 20,000-star coins, which is much more than anything else at the beginning of the game. There is another bypass path of inventory, about which the game, oddly enough, is silent. Instead of increasing the chest, you can also build more chests.


What do you need to build more chests in disney Dream light Valley

Chests can be created and placed at home or in the village. There is a workbench near the Huff House, which you can use at any time, or Scrooge Mack will give you a workbench that you can place anywhere as a reward for execution. The grand opening of Scrooge Mack .

To create a chest, you will need 25 conifers scattered around the ground around the trees in the village, and 25 Stone found during the extraction or destruction of stones on the ground.

There are no restrictions on the number of chests that you can create. Each chest you have created will have two rows of inventory and can become an effective way of rapidly expanding the storage. Unfortunately, there is no quick way to call chests, move between chests through the storage menu or repainting chests. You will need to remember where you place each chest and what you put in it to effectively manage your inventory.

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