Dragon Ball Z returns to Spain without censorship: time and how to see

Roku’s story and his friends are still being written. The premiere of Dragon Ball Super, the official continuation of the Manganese, h brought new adventures and characters. But this would not be possible without the above, without the clsic Dragon Ball Z, that will return without censorship, in high definition and in Spanish thanks to Comedy Central. The North American entertainment channel will retested the series from Monday, September 26, are you going to miss it?

What time does Dragon Ball Z premiere?

Roku is no longer a child. The hero who ended the Ribbon network or Piccolo Daimio h become stronger, but he is not yet prepared to deal with his brother Ra ditz, who arrives at earth and reveals his true nature of him : It is a Taiwan of the planet Veg eta.

Dragon Ball Z starts with the Saga and continues with villains such Freezer, Androids, Cell or the BU monster. All this you can start seeing it From today September 26 at 18: 50 (Spanish peninsular time) and 17:50 (time in the Canary Islands).

Where can you see Dragon Ball Z in Comedy Central?

These are the services in which the Central Comedy Content is included:

* Movistar+ (Channel 16)
* Orange TV (Channel 24)
* Vodafone TV (Channel 33)
* Virgin Telco (Channel 26)
* Ava tel TV, but depends on the package you have hired

Locally, it is also possible to see the contents of Comedy Central through Tel cable (turi), Muscatel (Busked) or Munro R (Galicia).

Dragon Ball Z does not go out of style. The Manganese by Akira Oriya h just releed his most recent film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero , whose criticism you can read in Meditation From this link. On this occion, Tea Animation h opted for CGI animation instead of the usual 2D.

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