How to get the Tiny Isles icon in Adopt Me – Roblox

Although most players undoubtedly recognize to Adopt Me role playing, it also contains several functions that fans of any genre may like Obeys! In fact, to the surprise of many players, the only icons available in all Adopt Me experience can be earned by completing these RABBI. The most difficult of these badges, as can be seen from the very experience, is the Tiny Isles icon, a detailed description of which can be found in a brief guide below.

how to get Tiny Isles icon in Adopt Me

As mentioned above, each icon in Adopt Me is made by passing and passing the appropriate obstacle band, only seven icons. To start our journey to obtain the icon of tiny islands and the victory over the OBI of the tiny islands in the process, we first need to find OBI building on the island of Adopted.

in search of OBI building

As soon as you enter the island of adoption, the main area of Adopt Me, find a large sandy park/playground, depicted below, and go to it.

Behind the high slide in this park there is a small building with the inscription OBI -this is the building that we need to enter.

There are seven portals inside this building, one for each OBI.

To get the Tiny Isles icon, we need to enter-as you already guessed-in the Tiny Isles portal. And before you ask, yes, this is 10 Star of complexity rating.

Completion of OBI Tiny Isles

Once inside the Obi tiny islands, we need to get to its end, running, jumping and overcoming various obstacles and platforms. As mentioned above, passing through this OBI can be extremely difficult and disappointing, so the best advice that we can give you is do not rush -some parts that seem simple can require several attempts, and this is normal! No need to rush with the implementation of this OBI, so it is better to just go at your own pace and move forward only when you are ready. Because if you die, you will be reborn at the very beginning, which very quickly begins to annoy!

Unfortunately, the image above is what we were able to do in this review. Nevertheless, approaching the end of the OBI, you should see a small building with the inscription end! -Entering this building, you teleport back to the main building of Hobbies, and the Tiny Isles icon will appear on your screen. Congratulations, you successfully completed the most difficult task in Adopt Me and received the appropriate icon!

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