Cookie Run: Kingdom BTS Collaboration Main Concert Poster released

Dev Sisters (co-representative Lee Typhoon, Kim Jong-un) unveiled ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’ and BTS Collaboration Concert Concept Main Poster on the 30th.


The main poster captured all the Collaboration Cookies, which are 7 members of BTS, following the first testing poster containing the silhouette of the cookie on the 23rd. Earlier, Dev Sisters has been unveiling BTS collaboration cookies one by one for a week.

Each cookie performed the same hairstyle and trendy wearing the seven members in the music video of Dynamite.

Along with BTS collaboration cookies, you will be able to meet the event of the event, ▲ BTS theme deck, and collaboration cookies.

BTS collaboration cookies can interact with the kingdom, as well as activities in the kingdom that roams the kingdom, and participates in battle.

Cookie Run: There is also an event for both Kingdom and BTS fandoms. Detailed information on in-game elements and events can be found through the official update on October 13.

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