This is what will arrive at HBO Max in October 2022

The month of October is stepping on our heels, which is why streaming services have already begun to public ** They already advanced. For that reason, HBO Max could not be left behind, so we already know all the programs that bind to the platform.

Here is the list of everything that will be arriving the following month:



-Dance with Me

-Blank man: the superhero

-Confessions of scammer Félix Krill



-The big blow

-The last of the Mohicans

-Between women

-Step Brothers

-Sinister games

-The Scarlet Summit

-Immediate delivery

-Lancelot: the first gentleman

-The Last Supper

-DC Supermascotas League

-Stronger than the bombs

-Why stop now?



-betrayal of the jury


-Mesa Builders

-The Powerpuff Girls

-The adventures of Muslin and Permit

-Burma the Monica / Season 3


-The forgotten valley

-Psychopaths / Season 1 and 2


-Industry / Season 2

-The spooky / season 2

-Rick and Morty / Season 6

-Is it love? / Season 2

-Stargirl / Season 3


-Johnny vs. Amber

-Johnny vs. Amber: The last trial

Remember that all this content will be arriving throughout October in HBO Max.

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