Rainbow Six Mobile is a bit different from Military Superhero and Siege. Japans unique content is also planned

On October 4th, Bee Soft held a media briefing session for Rainbow Six Mobile and Division Reserve . In this article, we will deliver the contents of the joint interview held along with the briefing.

Work Overview-Basic Play is free, popular series draws from a new perspective-

Rainbow Six Mobile is a work that arranges the strategic and high-paced gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege in a form that is suitable for playing on mobile devices. The base of the gameplay is a slightly different direction, while following the Rainbow Six Siege, the introduction of the growth factor (experience and level of experience) of the operator and planning to provide Japan’s unique content. It is a title. According to this briefing, this work aims to provide a completed shooter experience in a mobile game. It is under development as a free title for iOS/Android, and will be launched on the Android version of Japan on October 7 (related articles).

Division Reserve is an open world action RPG with a basic play that depicts the story of the Division series from a new perspective. This is also under development for iOS/Android. Players will be a member of the first dispatch agent of the SHD (Strategic Homeland Division), and will be in a fierce battle with hostile powers to protect citizens in New York, which will continue to be chaotic and gain a better future. In the basic game mode, the traditional game mode is followed, while new weapons and equipment will appear.

Joint interview: Questions common to both works

The following three respondents answered this media joint interview:

-Rainbow Six Mobile is reminiscent of the initial Rainbow Six Siege, and Division Adherence returns to the first stage, so it has the impression that all of them are returning to the origin. Received. I would like to ask if you are trying to consciously return such a return to the origin as an Ubisoft mobile game.

First, I feel that the number of players who want to experience what they have experienced on console machines and the like is increasing. In that regard, the development experience of console games that we have cultivated for more than 30 years will be used for developing games for mobile.

Also, with the improvement of the performance of mobile devices, I feel that it is a time that has been suitable for providing the game experience we have built up for mobile. Until just four to five years ago, it was possible to make it difficult to realize, and it has finally been delivered to the quality games that players want.

And it’s a good opportunity to reach a new player who doesn’t know about us yet. We believe that mobile is very suitable when delivering the game to such new players.

―― Please tell us about the monetization model of each title.

Regarding Rainbow Six Mobile, we try to monetize models that do not break the nature of highly competitive games.

To put it simply, this work has been created so that new tactical options are unlocked according to the progress of the game. And a small amount of charge can speed up the progress.

As a cosmetic item, you can express yourself in the game by operators, weapon skins, avatars, etc. It also uses a season system, focusing on a specific operator in the battle pass of each season.

Details about the monetization model of Division Reserve will be announced at a later date. At this stage, we can only tell you, but we try to become a fair monetization model for players. Part of the monetization means is similar to Division and Division 2, but also has a unique mobile version of monetization methods that are different from those titles.

―― Please tell us about the status of localization.

Koch or:
Both works are localized in Japanese. For Rainbow Six Mobile, basically, the same voice actors as Rainbow Six Siege are in charge.

Regarding Division Reserve, the sound is English in order to deliver a more authentic experience based on the game in the United States. This is not limited to Japan, but in countries where this work is distributed. Of course, subtitles and menu screens are localized to Japanese.

Questions about Rainbow Six Mobile

-What criteria are the maps of Rainbow Six Mobile and the operators implemented at launch?

Koch or:
Popularity is one criterion, and the maps are popular from the community. The lineup includes the operator, for example, SLEDGE, who has been playing for a long time since the early days of Rainbow Six Siege. Over time, we plan to add a little newer operator.

  • According to the official blog of Bee Soft, in addition to the popularity of operators, What is the combination that creates more interesting meta?

-In Rainbow Six Mobile, each operator has a master track and customizable skills, but for skills, players who play for a long time will be more advantageous. Is it? Or tell us if you can fight fairly even if you haven’t played for a long time, or the balance around that.

Koch or:
This series is still a game that emphasizes player’s skills, and is not a so-called Pay to Win mechanism. There are a variety of operators’ skills, such as running a little faster for a limited time and increasing the number of surveillance cameras that can be used, so that you can customize it according to your own play style. I think it is important to adjust the balance of such operator skills.


-The operator will provide the same members as the PC/console version, but are you planning to provide mobile version of original content? I would also like to talk about the added value unique to mobile.

Koch or:
Rainbow Six Siege has almost 10 years of content, so I will use it first. And as the next phase, we are considering the unique content of the mobile version. You may be able to provide different experiences, for example, more comfortable content than Rainbow Six Siege.

There are many added value unique to mobile. For example, in this work, we try to optimize the mobile terminal, including the operation method. We also want to greatly strengthen the onboarding (the creation of a new player, led by tutorials, for new players to get used to game). I think the hurdle to understand the game is high in particular.

In addition, automatic shooting often found in other mobile games is used a slightly different mechanism. It is not always possible to shoot at any time, but by switching to a mode called tactical focus by looking into a certain period of time, you can automatically shoot enemies that have entered the reticle.

In addition, there are many differences from the Rainbow Six Siege in the progressive part. You can create your own operators by changing the operator’s mastery, a longer span and a change in skill.

-In Rainbow Six Mobile, I heard that operators that have not yet been unlocked can be used by consuming tickets. Please tell us why you adopted the ticket system in this work.

Koch or:
To unlock the operator in Rainbow Six Siege, you need to spend a huge amount of time or use a small billing system. In Rainbow Six Mobile, we introduced a ticket system so that you can use various operators as a trial, even if you do not play so much. Tickets can be obtained with rewards, dachas, or battle passes after the match.

――In Rainbow Six Mobile, I got the impression that the operator looked different compared to Rainbow Six Siege. Can you tell us the difference from Siege and why you changed your appearance?

Koch or:
Rainbow Six Mobile is called Military Super Hero, and unlike Rainbow Six Siege, it is a slightly sporty game rather than a military.

Regarding the appearance, I will release a lot of cosmetics items in the future, and I think that there is no problem because I think that the operator will be customized to the favorite appearance. In addition, since it is a game that is still under development, and it is not the final version, it may change again by the release.

―― Please tell us about the development of E-sports of Rainbow Six Mobile.

Koch or:
Of course, we have a view of e-sports development, but we can not announce it at this stage. After all, when doing e-sports in earnest, various functions are required. Therefore, it will be after launch, not at the time of launch.

Questions about Division Research

―― As far as the images that have appeared so far, it seems that the side arm frame for equipping a pistol is gone in Division Research. Can you tell me why you lost the same frame?

The side arm itself is not g1. I can’t tell you the details yet, but in Division Resurgence, the side arm is implemented differently from the previous series.

-The first Division used signature skills, and Division 2 used signature weapons. Please tell us why you made a system close to the signature weapon in Division Reserve.

In Division Research, we want to expand the specialization system of Division 2. In addition, the signature ability of Division Reserve is not always a weapon but an SHD gadget. Some specialization have a signature ability similar to Division 2, while others have new abilities. In addition, we create unique play styles for each specialization so that they can be more intuitive.

— Is there a collection item that deepens the worldview that suits the Division work, such as data logs?


Yes, Division Reserve has similar collection elements, so you can know more about the world view.

–thank you very much.

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