6 months Nexon Games… Securing growth engines with Hit 2 success

[ Moon Byung-soo] Nixon Games has been making visible results in six months. In addition to stable service of existing live games, as well as ‘Hit 2’, it has secured new growth engines. Net Games and Nixon Games, which were merged and launched in March, are said to have become Nixon’s core development bases.

Hit 2, launched by Nixon Games (CEO Park Jong-un) in August, is a formal sequel to Nixon’s signboard mobile IP ‘Hit’. Hit 2, which was the No. 1 Apple App Store in four hours, on August 24, a day before the launch, ranked No. 1 in Apple App Store sales in just one day and ranked No. 1 in Google Play sales in a week. Since then, the company has maintained the top of both market sales.

The company has been communicating through eight ‘developer letters’ for about a month after its launch, and is trying to improve user satisfaction by improving character balance and facilitating the supply and demand of goods in the game.


With the hit 2, Nixon Games has secured a new live game lineup following ‘Sudden Attack’, ‘Blue Archive’ and ‘V4’. If the performance of the hit 2 continues, it will be able to contribute to the strengthening of the next new development, such as ‘First Death’, ‘Bail Expert’ and ‘God sum’.

Live games have also been stable. In particular, it is noteworthy the achievement of ‘Blue Archive’, a subculture collection RPG. The game, which was launched in Japan in February last year and in November, was launched in the domestic and global markets, and in July, one year and five months, Japan’s Apple App Store was ranked second in Japan and the third place in Google Play. The company explained that it is an achievement made by Korean developers in Japan, the home of the subculture genre.

Nixon’s signboard FPS game ‘Sudden Attack’, which celebrates its 17th anniversary, is also continuing its success. Before the merger between Net Games and Nixon GITC, Sudden Attacks led the growth of Nixon’s GITC, which is 21%YoY in the first quarter of this year. Since then, the actors Huh Sundae and Park Highway characters have been released to lead the acclaim, and various events were held to commemorate the 17th anniversary of the service. Sudden Attack has maintained the top level in the PC room market share rankings, which are the barges of PC online game performance. As of the last week of September this year, Sudden Attack ranked third with a 6.73%market share, and in the FPS genre, it was firmly ranked first.

The mobile MMORPG ‘V4’, which was launched in 2019, also held a live broadcast to commemorate the service of 1,000 days on August 2, and foretells various contents updates such as new fields and field bosses, new classes and top equipment, and small PVP duel. I have a turn. On September 29, the user-friendly behavior is being held by holding the ‘Hero’s Banquet’ event that can obtain various items such as ‘legendary rating and summons’ to reward users.

Various new works, which were released before the launch of Nixon Games, are also delivering new news. Triple A-class root shooter First Defendant will start the Steam beta test from October 20. The root shooter genre combining shooting and RPGs is already forming an enthusiast in the global market. Based on the graphics implemented in Unreal Engine 5, First Dependent is a special mobile technology ‘grappling hook’ using wire, dozens of guns, and 10 kinds of characters with their own skills, such as action and content. Maximized the fun of.

First Dependent released a new trailer video at Games com 2022 in Germany on August 24. The video, which was posted on the IGN official YouTube channel of global game media, recorded about 1.07 million views and more than 22,000 ‘likes’ as of the end of September. On September 15, a new promotion video was released through the Tokyo Game Show 2022.

Bailed Expert is also increasing its completion. Bade Expert is a PC online-based third-person shooting game, featuring a strategic team competition that combines nine distinctive agents in a combination of all time. Bailed Expert also exhibited at Games com 2022 and Tokyo Game Show 2022.

Nixon Games unveiled the official name ‘God some: Clash of Gods’, known as ‘Project Zeus’ on August 24. Did. Datum, which is the core of the large-scale territorial war, is a game that combines the features of MMOs, which are interacted by multiple players at the same time, and real-time strategic simulation elements.

King INAOO, director of Nixon Games Management Support Center, said, Since the launch of Nixon Games, live games have been on the rise, and the new hit 2 has a big and small performance. I will do my best to give it to you.

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