Passing Disney Dreamlight Valley Lost in the Dark Grove

Lost in a dark grove is one of the main plot quests that you must perform in Disney Dream light Valley to move on.

It is also one of the parts of the Kris toff quest line, which will open Donald Data as another companion character, which will help you in your adventure.

The main goal here is to find a special pen in order to scatter the fog so that you can enter a dark grove and get a special plant. The next leadership will tell you how to do it.

How to start a quest lost in a dark grove

You can start Lost in the Dark Grove in Forest of valor which first needs to be unlocked in the game. You can do this by finishing the main line Friendship Pillar quest. Furthermore, you not only unlock the forest of valor, but also Poland of trust .

Your quest will begin as soon as you enter the forest of valor. Your first goal will be to find Christoph . You can find it standing next to a spoiled column in a biome. Talk to him, and he will explain that he and Donald were divided and that Donald entered the Dark Portal.

* Places of tips of the dark grove Donald Data *

After talking with him, go inside the portal yourself. The entire territory will be shrouded in fog. Here you will look for two tips: a luminous pen and grass Purple Vile, which can be found on a branch next to the portal in Dark Grove.

Return objects to Christopher. He will tell you to go and talk with Merlin about the situation with the fog.

Merlin will tell you what he knows how to get rid of the fog with the help of a magic spell. But he needs some objects. Below we have listed objects necessary for Merlin.

  • Blaming feather
  • 2x emeralds

* Plant from a dark grove
* 4x dreams of dreams

All materials are quite easy to find, and they can be found in the biomes Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust. Having received these items, pass them to Merlin. He will utter a spell that will save you from the fog.

Go into a dark grove using the portal, and follow the pen, which will lead you to Donald Baku. Talk to him to get the sphere of courage. Behind Donald there will be a portal. Go through it, and then use the sphere in the pillar to return Donald to the valley. This will complete the quest lost in the dark grove, and Donald Duck will give you the page of the diary as a reward.

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