On the 20th, the beta progress First Desendent, Cinematic video release

Nixon unveiled the Cinematic Story Trailer ahead of the beta test of the new root shooter ‘First Defendant’, which is being developed by its subsidiary Nixon Games.

First Defendant is a root shooter with a high quality visual and attractive character based on Unreal Engine 5, featuring cooperative play that targets a giant boss. In the work, the user is a successor who awakens the power of the pioneer, and fights against the presence and the giants of the world, which threatens humanity.

In this cinematic story trailer, the narration was mentioned in more detail with the overview of the worldview of ‘First Defendant’. 100 years ago, humanity was defeated by the invasion of ‘NAKs’ from another world. Subsequently, while destroying everything, the mankind decides to continue the fight to the end. In the midst of a difficult war, ‘heirs’ who awakened the power of the forgotten pioneers appear in various parts, and mankind begins counterattack in earnest. Meanwhile, in MALES, the emergence of a new leader, Karl, becomes more intense.

Meanwhile, Nixon unveiled additional information and questions related to beta tests on the Steam Page before the cinematic story trailer released. This test will be conducted only on a PC, and the mission on the field can be played with other users by playing single or selecting ‘open mode’ through the ‘private mode’ option. Field missions do not have difficulty adjustment options, but difficulty is classified separately in some cooperative contents such as boss raids.

The question related to PVP content focuses on EVE, and the test will verify EVE content. The PVP will also be reviewed based on the user feedback. Character Customizing is not being considered at present, and it will be difficult to check in beta, but it will be difficult to check. Weapons, accessories, and combinations of runes will be verified through beta tests. In the test version, voice supports only English, and subtitles and UI support nine languages, including English and Korean.

First Defendant is a beta test on Steam from October 20 to 27, and is currently recruiting beta tasters. For more information about games and beta tests, please visit the Steam page.

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