Alan Wake II Is the image showing an image? Reddit users guess from one image

What is considered to be under development of the latest series ALAN WAKE II by Remedy Entertainment.

In the link in the tweet, you can view the development process and the unique engine North light presentation, but the screenshot that appears from around 3 minutes and 20 seconds of this video is from the current Alan Wake II. Possibility is emerging.

From this image, you can check the arched interior or burial light, but there is no texture etc., so you can not tell which game just by looking at it. However, SIR_GALLANT, Reddit user, speculates that it is an image under development of Alan Wake II.

The first reason is that this work does not match any games developed by Remedy Entertainment. The building in this image was searched from the word NATIONALLIRRARY, a New York Public Library in New York. The interior that can be confirmed from the image under development is almost completely consistent with the images uploaded to the English version Wikipedia.

Since the characteristic ball-shaped lights and stairs have the same thing as the reality, it is presumed that the stage of Alan Wake II will be in New York or go to New York. This library seems to appear in movies such as Ghost Busters.

Currently, Remedy Entertainment is developing a new game project that has poured a larger budget in addition to ALAN WAKE II as a work that shares the world view with Control as a cooperative EVE called WONDER. In addition, we are conducting multiple projects, including the first remake of the operated multiplayer game VANGUARD and Max Payne.

As a result, it is not necessarily the one of Alan Wake II, but only one image came out of the user’s interesting guess.

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