It would be an accusation against Bill Murray would have resolved

A few months ago it was mentioned that the production of the film known as Being Mortal had paused, this after the revelation that Bill Murray had some type of charge against him. However, this position could have been over because Murray would have had a conversation in which an economic agreement was reached.

According to the media, the incident occurred between Murray and a production employee. After feeling that the girl had been flirting with him, she began kissing her body and sitting on hoping on him in a bed near the set. She did not end there, since, according to the reports, Murray kissed her, while both used masks due to Covid-19 protocols, and the victim claimed that he could not move because he weighed more than her.

As Murray said later, he apparently thought he was being funny, but he didn’t take it that way. The woman interpreted his actions as totally sexual. Another staff member on the set was also witnessing the event and also filed the complaint.

It is also reported that Murray paid a $100,000 agreement to the woman, who agreed to maintain confidentiality and give up any legal claim she could do against producers. Still there is no talk of resuming the movie, so it could continue in Hiatus until someone decides to buy it at Disney , the owners of the IP .

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