FIFA and Roblox unite their strength and announce free sports challenges; Pedri will arrive at the game

With the Qatar World Cup 2022 just around the corner, FIFA continues its plans to expand in the video game market . And we do not refer to the Electronic Arts football simulator, but to the International Football Federation sociation, the highest agency that exists in the king sport. And the first step will take with Roblox, one of the most popular games of the moment thanks to his more than 50 million players.

a result of collaboration, FIFA World is a virtual environment that will add a series of free sports events , especially football. It will have several sponsors that will star in skill challenges such Visa, Hyundai, Adid and Coca-Cola, among others. In addition, the star and great claim will be nothing more and nothing less than Pedro González López, whom we all know Pedro , one of the best players of F. C Barcelona.

Roblox will be more footballing than ever


In addition to the first challenges, FIFA h confirmed that we will soon see new content in the game, designed to adapt to official tournaments such the Qatar World Cup 2022, The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023* * and other competitions. Rome G, commercial director of the organization, h shown the commitment to make football grow and that new fans are interested in sport, and trust that collaboration will promote the values of sport to a more audience wide **.

On his part, Pedro h been very excited about the project: It is exciting to see the union between FIFA and Roblox. I cannot wait to be part of FIFA World, since the fans I see in the stands every week they love video games and it will be great to interact with them directly in our world of Roblox.

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