Kartrider, donation of 30 million won for incurable diseases for childrens sponsorship foundation

Nixon announced on the 14th that it has donated 30 million won for the donation racing event, “ Run for 3000, ” which was held on September 29 in its online game, Cart rider.

The donation event began to fulfill the wishes of Kim Missing, 16, who suffers from acute lymphocytes leukemia. Kim, who had a hard time with chemotherapy, has been dreaming of game developers by playing ‘Cart Rider’ and hoping to support the director of Nitro Studio CHO Jae-won, who oversees the development of ‘cart rider’ through Make EO Wish Korea last year. I sent a letter to Nixon.

Since May, Nixon and Nitro Studio have planned a special event to launch a cart designed by Kim to support Kim Missing’s dream.

Nixon distributed the ‘Demon Flame V1’, which was produced based on the original painting by Kim on September 29, in the ‘Cart rider’ game, and all the users who play the cart total 3,000 km. When achieved, Nixon held a user participation event that donated 30 million won for incurable children’s donations, ‘Run for 3000’.

Many users who participated in the event actively sympathized with the purpose of realizing the dreams of children’s patients, and received a lot of response to the ‘Daemon Flame V1’ designed by Kim Missing. Achieved 3,000 km.

The 30 million won donation will be used as a funding fund for children in incurable diseases operated by Make EO Wish Korea.

Nitro Studio CHO Jae-won said, This project, which began to support Kim Missing’s rapid refreshing and dreams, was successfully completed with the active participation of users. We will try to convey our good influence on our society.

Meanwhile, the Nixon and Nixon Foundation are carrying out various social contribution activities such as expanding medical facilities for children and adolescents who do not reach their hands.

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