Winning Six Invitational 2023 is the major goal of Team Liquid, say Paluh and Nesk

One of Rainbow Six Siege’s most traditional teams in azil, Team Liquid still pursues the most important title of Ubisoft’s tactical FPS: Six Invitational. Cavalry veterans, world runners-up in 2021 and Liquid’s main individual highlights in recent years, Lucas PALU Molina and André Neck Oliveira spoke in an interview with MGG azil during BGS 2022 which the main objective Current team today is to win over Rainbow Six’s major international titles, such as Six Major, and especially Six Invitational.

Arrival of Wagons and adaptation to a new style of play

During the dispute of the 2nd round of asilia Rainbow Six 2022, Team Liquid ended up outside the top 4 of the competition and had no chance of playing one of the four Latin American vacancies for Six Major Berlin, granted through the Elite Cup Six. In the period of the 3rd round transfer window, the cavalry made a small reformulation in the team. In addition to the coming of Wagons, Six Major Mexico champion in 2021, to the place of PSK, former Team One captain took over Liquid’s ILL post in place of Gaiel Ask Santos, who started playing with more freedom by the maps.

We had little time to adapt to Wagons so far. Between the day he arrived at Line and the first official match, we had only 10 days of training, and throughout the split was a rush against time to correct some things In the team. It was not only the arrival of the lake, because we also changed the functions of ASK and Reset in the team, PALU himself was mixing with function, so it was a very drastic change in the team, but always with the goal of leaving the Stronger team for international championships, especially INRI (Six Invitational), which is the title we want most today, says Neck.

In general, the team adapted very well to Wagons, because it is an excellent ILL, very communicative in the game and with a lot of experience in the function. Our team also needed to take some load on the ask which I had so much that style of play. He did the support 1, but always played more aggressively, so we released him more and left Wagons doing SUP 1 and Ill function, Ask as Entry agger Secondary has been playing very well. I think they were very good changes in general, and our performance will be even better as the team gets closer to this new formation, added PALU.

Known for being a constant presence in Rainbow Six’s main international championships, almost always with prominent campaigns, Team Liquid often appears among favorites in competitions such as Six Invitational and Six Major. Despite the good retrospective, including a runner-up at the Six Invitational 2021 and semifinals of Six Major Mexico 2021 and Six Major Charlotte 2022, the cavalry has not won a Tier 1 title since Pro League Season 7, played in May 2018, in Atlantic City.

Both Neck and PALU understand that although good campaigns are important, only the achievement of a major international title will again put Liquid within the goals that organization and players have set over the last few years. Therefore, the pair considers that correcting errors in this period of preparation for major international events is essential for the team to reach the top of the world.

We suffered a little in the last championships because of some very silly mistakes we made in important games, and in championships of this level each mistake is very expensive. In this 3rd 6 split we work a lot in these mistakes. Missing and this has already started to yield fruits. It is obvious that we still have many things to improve, but today we are on the right track. We will do an intensive in training after for Elite Six, as it is a fundamental championship to increase our chances of vacancy direct in INRI 2023, evaluates Neck

PALU, in turn, praises the evolution of the team in many ways and praises the team’s most aggressive stance at important moments of matches: Currently, we are very strong on various fundamentals. Often our team sinned for the lack of aggressiveness in Important moments, but now Ask plays more advanced and can create a lot of space for the team on the map, and this is a feature that was missing. This will be fundamental to future competitions, especially when we are playing the international championships. Teams outside, who have always seen Liquid play in a certain way, will find a different liquid in this regard, and we want a lot of vacancies in the major to prove it, he adds.

Evolution of foreign teams

In 2021, azil lived a season of dreams, with Nip winning the title of Six Invitational 2021, Team One overcoming Six Major Mexico and Fazed earning Six Major Sweden. This year, however, only foreign teams won the major international events, with TSM winning INRI, Dark zero winning Charlotte Major, in which 3 of the 4 azilian teams had problems with visa, and Rogue overcoming azil’s azilians in the final of Six Major Berlin.

Neck and PALU and consider that foreign teams sought not only to evolve and adapt to azilian teams, but also bet more on new talents, as Rogue did by hiring 18-year-old Split.

I think they adapted to the new style of R6 playing. I think the teams that have been presenting the best results are those that play more aggressively, and this has greatly level the scene. Europe in the past, last year the dominion came from azil, but now I think we will have teams from various regions fighting for the top, says Neck.

The teams outside had a lot of content to study azilians last year, and I think they learned in what they came to make mistakes and how the champions and finalists were being carried, because azil really was a very dominant region last year, And it took a while until they could level with us. In addition, the teams outside stopped that chair dance always with the same names and started betting on a new kid, something azil started to do a lot before. And this constant renewal takes everyone out of the comfort zone, which is great, says PALU.

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