Overwatch 2: In 28 seconds, Shroud shows why its amazing in shooting games

It seems that the former CS: GO and Valorant shroud show is able to show great performance in any shooting game in this world. Recently, the video of a sentinel former Player in overwatch has vitalized in the community, which has divided opinions on the sequence of the famous blizzard shooter. In just 28 seconds, shroud points out, once again, the good player he is.

rocking overwatch 2

With the opponents in his glue, shroud did not think about giving up his play as Widow maker at any time. In the clip, he guarantees four slaughter with shots in the head of each opponent, without even seeming to worry about the fact that they continued to attack him as well.

The name of the clip, made by Edit__, still shows how the community was shocked by shroud’s skills: Not even sub, indicating that the player found no difficulty in dealing with the fight in the middle of the party departure shroud’s team won unilaterally, and still earned the play of the match for the streamer.


It is worth remembering that shroud has already dedicated himself to various games throughout his career such as the player and content creator: CS: GO, Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends, Valorant, among others.

At CS: GO, playing for Cloud9 he won championship titles such as ESL Pro League Season 4 and Burrower Masters, as well as being runner-up of the grand One Cologne 2017.

Already in Valorant, the player represented Sentinels and was in the 5th/6th place of VCT 2022: North America Last Chance Qualifier. In August this year, he left the organization.

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