Com2us Holdings C2X NFT Market Place strengthening Art Lineup

Comes Holdings (CEO Lee Jong-un) announced on the 20th that it will strengthen the art NFT lineup of ‘C2X NFT Market Place’.


The C2X NFT Marketplace, developed by Comes Platform (CEO Jae-won Song), a subsidiary of Comes Holdings platform, launched Art NFT in collaboration with the attention. Along writer who has accumulated recognition in various fields such as Maria, who is active in the global market, YO NEE artist who expresses warm emotions and stories as a drawing, and Samsung Galaxy Theme. My friend Wilson, who worked as an exclusive writer, works.

From the 17th of this month, the c2x nft collaboration commemorative NFT Airdrop event will be held. During this period, 100 participants who performed the mission, such as C2X NFT Twitter and the writer Twitter, will be selected and the collaboration NFT produced by the artists will be presented. In addition, by purchasing the art NFT currently being sold, the artists can receive a presented good.

Comes Holdings announced that the C2X NFT Market Place, which opened in April, will continue to collaborate with talented artists in various fields to showcase high-quality NFT works.

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