EA has concluded a long -term contract with Marvel -Developed 3 titles including Iron Man

Electronic Arts (EA) has announced a long-term contract that develops 3 titles for 3 titles for console and PC Action Adventure Games for console and PC.

According to the announcement, the game to be developed is based on the Iron Man for single players jointly developed by Motive Studio and Marvel Games, which were announced on September 20. It is said that the work was one of the three titles.

According to EA’s CCO Laura Mile, This is a wonderful moment for fans and players as well as developers, said I’m looking forward to Marvel becoming a member of the EA creator, and this collaboration experience is outstanding. I am convinced that it will be delivered.

Jay ONG, an executive vice president of Marvel Games, said, We are trying to find the best team that can lead our characters on a heroic journey in an unprecedented way, and with the EA. Collaboration will help you, he commented on this announcement.

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