Sword Master Story X Conos Bar, the second collaboration progress

The Sword Master Story, which celebrates its 2nd anniversary, will join hands again in November.

Super Planet has received great response from the original fandom as well as existing users by reflecting the characteristics of the main characters of Kenosha in the game’s skills and action motion. As a result, sales increased more than four times compared to the same period, and new users increased more than eight times compared to the previous month, and active users rose more than 5.5 times.


This is not a return collaboration, but it is also upgrading the stats of Aqua, Resuming, and Darkness, and will also add costumes for Karma, Jung and Wiz.

The Kenosha Limited Dungeon, which users expect the most, will also be reopened. In addition, the Kenosha limited premium pass, Kenosha photo event, and Cumming Soon Quiz Event Store will be added during the collaboration period. The second anniversary is also given a variety of rewards.

This date collaboration update will be available from November 1 to November 30. More information can be found through the official community.

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