Where to find the Elsa secret chest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In the end, you will need to cook a couple of dishes so that Elsa feels at home after returning it to the valley. It will be part of what the house looks like fourth quest in the quest chain of Elsa.

As soon as Elsa will eat the dishes, she will not only feel comfortable, but also remember The secret chest She is buried in the Dilute Disney Valley. The next leadership will tell you more about how to find the secret chest of Elsa.

where is the secret chest of Elsa

Dishes that you need to cook for Elsa during the quest How the House feels: Syrup from dandelions as well as Fish pie . You need to bring both Elsa dishes so that she remembers where she buried the secret chest.

The composition of the syrup from dandelions

  • 1x lemon
  • 5X dandelions
  • 3x garlic
  • 2x onions
  • 1x empty bottle

Fish pie ingredients

  • 1x herring
  • 1x lemon

1x onions
1x garlic
1x basil or oregano

Two meals will make Elsa recall that she buried the secret chest next to Ice cave entrance to Forest of valor .

Go there and find a huge ice fragment to the left of the entrance to the ice cave. Use your shovel to dig next to the aforementioned ice fragment to find the hidden secret chest. It will contain purple emblem as well as leans pickled herring .

Return to Elsa with objects and find that you need to return to the ice cave. The purple coat of arms that you just found must be placed on a magic fresco located in the back of the ice cave.

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