The Sims 5 was announced by EA Games on October 18 with the revelation that The Sims 4 would become completely free. Named as Project Rene The company said the game is currently in a very initial development step, and yet it seems to have been hacked by third parties.

The information came from the Insider Gaming portal, according to sources a secret test period started by Maxis Studios on October 25 and several people were called to play this initial version by email. Still according to the vehicle, it was precisely by play test that the hackers managed to get into the game-by generating a duty token of access (used by test players).

The hackers stated that the game is run at Unreal Engine without encryption and this has made it really easy to eak the company’s security protocols. When asked would become access to The Sims 5 public the sources did not respond.

In addition, there is the possibility of The Sims 5 to run at Unreal Engine 5, the same technology that will be used in The Witcher’s Rework, even if not in full.

The game was not announced exactly as The Sims 5, but only as a new generation of The Sims that arrives eight years after the debut of the last franchise title. The promise is that the simulation game has, this time, cross play between platforms-especially in the creation part-and greater freedom and plurality in construction mode.

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