pokémon evolutions related to animals have not liked fans a lot in recent years, because it seems that A Game Freak has given the creatures to convert creatures into anthropomorphic characters. And now with the leaks of the versions Scarlet and Violet it can be confirmed that the design area ignores, or at least they do it with Sprigatito .

This is the Pokémon initial plant type for this new generation, which promised to be a larger beast that would be preserved in four legs, but by the photos shared by the media, it will not be so. Its two evolutions are Format and subsequently Meowscarada , which take a somewhat semi-human form.

Here you can see them:

It is worth mentioning that there are also some spoilers in the history of the game on social networks, so fans who do not want to find out anything should eliminate the word Pokémon in their coincidences. Filtration are not new in the franchise since there is more accessible Internet, so you must be very careful.


Remember that Pokémon Scarlet and Violet go on sale on November 18 on Switch.

Via: Kodak

Editor’s note: It seems that Game Freak did not learn the lesson with incinerating in the generation of Sun and Moon characters. This was repudiated precisely because it is very anthropomorphic, and now the same will happen with Sprigatito.

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