Nexons 3Q earnings recorded sales ever. Dunpamo & Hit 2 Effect

Nixon, which was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, announced its connection performance in the third quarter of 2022. Nixon’s third-quarter sales rose 28% year-on-year to 97.5 billion yen (approximately 94.2 billion won).

Operating profit is 31.5 billion yen (about 34.9 billion won), up 6% year-on-year, and net profit is 43.3 billion yen (about 418.8 billion won), up 14% from the same period last year. Nixon explained that this performance was achieved the largest sales ever and recorded the highest operating profit in the third quarter. For reference, Nixon’s exchange rate is 976 won per 100 yen.

The biggest sales backgrounds seemed to be People and Nixon Games’ Dungeon & Fighter Mobile and Hit2. In addition to the performance of the two games, major live titles such as FIFA Online 4, Maple Story, and Making continued to strengthen.

In particular, Nixon’s representative mobile IP reinterpreted MMORPG as MMORPG, ranking first in the highest sales immediately after its launch, maintaining the top, driving mobile sales, focusing on excellent gameplay and mobile unique contents. Dungeon & Fighter Mobile> contributed to 3Q sales, and domestic mobile sales rose 93% year-on-year.

Nixon also achieved the maximum sales of each title in the third quarter of the three PC online classic, including FIFA Online 4, Maple Story, and Making.

, which has recorded the highest quarterly performance for the third consecutive quarter, has received a response from users for summer updates and events, and outside the game, K-League relay, offline brand experience center, online mini concert, etc. Sales increased significantly as they provided opportunities to enjoy soccer at the same time.

Maple Story increased 47% year-on-year sales, and sales increased 66% YoY in the 18th anniversary event and large summer updates held in Making, recording the highest sales in the third quarter, respectively.

Owen Mani, CEO, said, It is because of the users who care and love Nixon games because they have been able to achieve this good achievement even in the worldwide tough management conditions. I will do it.

Meanwhile, Nixon has launched a variety of new genres such as Root Shooter Genre’s First Dependent, Back Byung-soo PVP Game , Global Multi-Platform Racing Game I am preparing.

For more information on Nixon’s 3rd quarter of 2022, you can check Nixon IR website .

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