Twitch: banished streamer six times and then permanently tries to recover account a year later

If you follow the Twitch news, you have undoubtedly heard of this Hot tub stream trend , so popular that the Amazon platform had to dedicate an entire category of its site to this type of transmission. The main personalities of the trend are Amaranth and Indiegogo , which after a sixth decisive ban was banned from Twitch forever.

Since then, the streamer says it does not understand the reasons for this permanent decision and tries to somehow come back in contact with the company to be able to justify itself once and for all.

An exaggerated punishment?

Janelle Dares started on the Amazon platform about two years ago and became known thanks to his Hot Tub and ASMR lives. Although she was able to gather a real community, she was banned several times. In January, Feuary (2 times), April, June (2 times) of 2021. The sixth ban was definitive.

These numerous sanctions came after videos that were very… revealing. And, according to the company, and did not match Twitch standards. According to Streamer, the reason for the definitive ban on your channel is quite different.

According to the platform, this final ban was recorded because the content creator revealed many things live through her yoga pants she wore during her last oadcast. In an interview with the jumper channel on YouTube, Indiegogo justified, saying that his clothes were not very suggestive, but that was actually toilet paper… You will understand.

Those who do not risk do not snack

Despite the fact that Streamer has turned to YouTube for her live oadcasts, she is still trying to reconnect with Twitch… without much result.

She managed to gather a very large number of followers, which was a considerable monthly income for her. Despite everything, Indiegogo continues to profit greatly thanks to OnlyFans. According to her, this platform ings you much more money than any other.

Meanwhile, Streamer accuses Twitch to block her appeals because every time she tries to recover her account, she doesn’t get an answer. The only feedback she received from the Amazon platform was an automatic response saying that her last ban was very recent to consider her active again.

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