Neople recruited recruitment -linked Neople Jeju Academy participants

[ Moon Byung-soo] People (CEO Row Jungian) will start recruiting trainees for recruitment-linked talent training program ‘2022 People EU Academy’ from the 14th.

People EU Academy is a recruitment-linked education program operated by People, EU Provincial Office, and EU Techno Park with the aim of securing talented people with practical skills and creating local jobs.

This year, we will provide basic and advanced education by preparing two courses, including UI and UX, and 2D effects. In particular, the business designer of ‘Dungeon & Fighter’, which has a global fandom, participates as a direct instructor to transfer the know-how based on the practical systematic curriculum.

The documents will be conducted through the official People blog from 14th to December 2nd, and anyone can apply for game graphics without restrictions on educational background, age, and region. The trainees selected after reviewing the documents will receive free training at the People’s headquarters for three months from the end of December.

Education graduates can also obtain opportunities for recruitment. After the end of the Academy, the highest grades will be given a chance to join the People internship and full-time employees without restrictions on the number of people. In fact, more than half of the students who participated in the People EU Academy in the last three years have participated in the internship.

In addition, it supports various privileges considering the convenience of trainees. For trainees, they provide resources to stay during the round-trip flights of EU Island and during the training period, and provide points for the use of middle and dinner and cafeteria in the in-house restaurant.

Gang Minsk, head of the People HR team, said, People EU Academy, which began in 2016, is a program with high satisfaction of trainees by providing practical training in various fields every year. I hope.

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