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Defeat Studio’s ‘Making Mobile’, which welcomed visitors in G-Star in 2018, visits G-Star in four years.

‘Making Mobile’ will be held in G-Star, which will be held in BEX CO, Susan from 17th to 20th, and will welcome visitors. Making Mobile, which has returned in four years, has changed in many ways in many ways. The released video shows that a lot of parts have been improved based on feedback, from visual elements such as graphics, as well as life content that is inseparable from the original Making, and various community content.

In this short 44 seconds of a short video, a player who goes beyond the space that is presumed to be a soul stream, a pure white dragon for a crisis player, and NAO who welcomes the player. In addition, you can enjoy the campfire or target a dungeon with other users, and finally, you can take off the robe and see the outfit on the original Making.

The Making Mobile, which is neatly and conveniently reconstructed to suit the taste of the current generation gamers, will be held at the G-Star site.

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