Nexon implements G -Star in Hand… Boots in Nexon Town

Nixon (CEO Lee Dungeon) announced on the 14th that it will implement the G-Star 2022 on-site booth in the mobile virtual world community platform ‘Nixon Town’.

At Nixon G-Star booths embodied in Nixon Town, you can feel the magnificence and realism of the large booth even if you don’t go to the scene. The decalcomani-shaped booth design and central screen are used as it is, and you can also check the visuals and trailer videos of demonstrations such as Making Mobile, First Defendant, Cart rider: Drift, and Dave the Diver.

At 4:00 pm on the 19th, Live Meeting will be held at Nixon Town with Dave the Divers Hwang Jae-won, who will demonstrate the Nintendo Switch at G-Star site. Up to 60 people can participate in the live meeting, and Hwang Jae-won, who appeared as an avatar, can listen to the G-Star field response and Dave the Diver’s Early access in real time. In particular, as Dave the Diver has recently received positive evaluations such as the top ranking in Korea, the Q & A time is also prepared to solve the user’s questions.

Nixon will also open the movie ‘Rebound’ PR Center. At the PR Center, the Susan Jun gang High School basketball court, which is the background of the film, will be held, and you can also see the trailer video with Gang Hang-jun, who appeared as an NPC avatar.

In addition, Nixon will hold an event from 17th too 20th to commemorate the opening of the Nixon Town G-Star booth. You can get Nixon Play point by visiting Email Nixon Town G-Star booth and looking for the ‘Maple Story’, ‘Making’, ‘Sword’, and ‘Closer’ Photo Wall added to the lobby. Have. In addition, the user who finds the application will give 2,000 won for ‘Nixon Cash’ 5,000 won.


Nixon Town, meanwhile, plans to add SNS to share photos and news with feed through the November update, and to add housing contents that can decorate a room and invite friends.

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