Streamer loses partnership with TV channel for misogynistic comments

If there is something that is condemned in online games is toxicity and, especially, racist, lgbtphobic or misogynist comments that can make some people a real hell. This streamer has achieved a great collaboration with a large sports channel, but it all over when the company saw excerpts a few months ago, showing the influencer making misogynist comments at Valorant.


From dream to nightmare

In early November Sky Sports, one of the biggest itish sports channels (including a lot of football), began showing its collaboration with Ishowspeed, a very popular streamer with 13 million YouTube subscribers and 5.4 million on Instagram. The partnership aimed to introduce Ishowspeed to a more television audience and attract more young football fans to the channel.

Last week, while Speed watched several Manchester United games in the hope of taking a look at Cristiano Ronaldo, Sky Sports released several images of him for the media. In addition, he participated in a program of the network in which he appears next to the star GEOFF Sh reeves to present some news. Everything was doing very well for the streamer until the Sky Sports teams discovered some quite disturbing extracts…

The end of collaboration

Last April, the streamer used to streams in Fortnite or even FIFA made a Valiant live this time. Although Speed is known for his outeaks or shrieks, this time he went too far to insult a player.

No one knows exactly what opposing players did to be insulted this way, but many point to the fact that users of the session would have made racist comments.

Already permanently banned Twitch for his explosions of anger, the content creator let his anger take over and uttered several curses.

A revolting stretch that, despite the streamer’s public excuses shortly after live oadcast, seems to have convinced Sky Sports teams to end this collaboration.

After that, almost all streamer videos on channel or sky Sports networks have been removed. As reported by The Athletic magazine, all traces of Ishowspeed were erased from the itish networks, channels and websites, which decided to definitely cut ties with it, and no longer want to let it appear on its platforms.

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