Embracer Group A total of 234 game publications are planned by 2026


Due to a variety of acquisitions, the Embrace Group managed to become one of the world’s biggest computer game business over the previous few years.

It is hardly surprising that a great number of jobs are likewise under development at the numerous developer studios.
As can now be seen from the most recent annual report, there are a whopping 234 games for PC and consoles in the works, which are to be released by March 2026.
25 of the games ought to be large AAA productions.
The candidates include the recently postponed Dead Island 2 by Dam buster Studios, which appears to be all about Saber Interactive Remake to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, a brand-new Burial place Raider spin-off of Crystal Dynamics, a possible brand-new Zeus
Ex-game and other titles from Lidos Montreal and a new city from 4a Games.

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