Why did Himeno vomit in Denjis mouth in Chainsaw Man? Explained

The anime and manga Chainsaw Man has one of the most disgusting scenes, if not the most disgusting, in the history of either media. It is enough to make the stomach of most spectators stir, and do so without the use of blood or body dismemberment. And yet, even after having seen it, you stay thinking: why did Limeño vomit in Benji’s mouth in Chainsaw Man? And why was it such a prolonged matter?

Well, we like it or not, we have all the answers you are looking for.

Why did Limeño vomit in Benji’s mouth in Chainsaw Man? Answered

The reason why Limeño vomited in Benji’s mouth in Chainsaw Man is simple: he was hammering too much as he tried to drink more than Maxima and ended up getting sick.

Before the welcome party for the new members of Division 4 was held, both Limeño and Aka decided to try to reveal why it has such a great interest in Benji. They decided that the best course of action was to try to make Maxima get drunk to lower his guard and challenged her to a drinking competition at the aforementioned party.


Unfortunately, this ended up being counterproductive to them. Maxima drank Aka under the table, while Limeño ended up getting drunk too fast. This led her to be more flirtatious with Benji, and when she began to kiss with him as a payment to defeat the demon of eternity and save Aka, she began to feel sick and ended up vomiting in Benji’s mouth.

It is something terrible that she has made, but it was not malicious or intentional. In any case, it was just another moment in a long series of unfortunate events that make up Benji’s life.

Limeño and Benji were new?

On the positive side, this unfortunate event has some positive repercussions for Benji in the following Chainsaw Man segments.

In addition to winning the sympathy of the members of his team, Benji also ends up returning to the Limeño place. Then he ends up asking if he wants to have new with her, but he refuses, winning his respect and his friendship. Then they decide to work together to earn the affection of the people who are really in love; These people are Maxima for Benji and Aka for Limeño.

Hopefully this is clarified why Limeño vomited in Benji’s mouth in Chainsaw Man? To get more information about the series, see any of the articles related below. We also have many other explanatory guides, including some about what a demon is, if Wichita is dead or not, and what is the Golden Ball.

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