Freefire: two Latin teams to the FF World Series final, Naguará gets the Boayah and classifies

After a preparation time, the teams face the Free Fire World Series where the squads of different regions seek to get the pass for the grand final, a stage that seems complicated, but the opportunity is for any of The teams that reach this point, remembering that only the first 4 can advance to the next stage.

Starting in Bermuda things became very intense since the fall of the survivors to the island who were looking for the casualties in their favor, but it would be RRQ KAZ that thanks to Pac-Man managed to take several casualties to have the first booth. The second contest was moved to the Kalahari where we saw great duels in each of the areas to continue moving the table from this point, but it would be expanded with The axel would be the ones that take the second victory.

Going to the third purgatory map, the contest enters to show a great sample of survivors’ ability with a team of Phoenix Eros that begins to better manage the situation thanks to Mosh’s ability to take the map for them. During the fourth scenario Alps the battle moved to very closed places where we see the felines of Hotshot Esports end with a victory in his favor.


In the second round of Bermuda Map returns to make a presence where we have bell battles in several areas of the map to the point of being reduced by the area leaving an expand team to take the victory thanks to Cobra’s work. In the Kalahari the situation marked a noticeable difference where the strongest teams were eliminated among themselves leaving a Jaguar to emerge thanks to FAQ that manages to grant them this map.

In Purgatory the battle lashed out towards a more open area where the survivors used all possible barricades to continue in the contest, the Jaguar team showed great claw and hunger of casual Finish your life and give victory to Eros. Closing in the Alps with the teams looking for the final points to qualify but the battle between LATAM and Brazil was presented in a dangerous area where they would be punished by EROS to get the third Booth for them.

After eight very intense maps, the squads showed their best resources for the pass to the next day but would be Magic Squad, Eros Phoenix, Jaguar and RRQ KAZ the four teams that advance to the final phase within the competition to be able to face the champions of The regions and seeking world glory, remember that with this result Latin America has two representatives who will seek to be crowned as the best in the world tomorrow.

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