How to complete the Make EVERY SHOT COUNT PENANCE in Darktide

Repentance is a form of trophies that are issued to players in Warhammer 40,000: Dark tide as a reward for the implementation of missions of various classes.

Problems related to the completion of repentance will check your skills and planning. Among these missions of repentance, some are really difficult to fulfill, for example, Overwatch, which requires zero damage from all enemies in the mission.

The complexity of the repentance of Make EVERY SHOT COUNT is between medium and complex. Here’s how you can get repentance in Dark tide.


How to get repentance count each shot

Below are the steps that you need to perform to complete the specified repentance.

  • Play in the Dark tide class a veteran-sniper from the very beginning of the game.
  • Start any mission available in the class of a veteran sleeper.
  • Choose the complexity of the Hershey Threat or higher mission. The complexity of Hershey is considered the second most difficult in Dark tide.
  • With any weapon selected in the mission, not a single cartridge should remain at the end of the mission.
  • All shots from weapons should hit the enemy or a goal in the mission. This means that the mission should have 100% accuracy without a single exclusion of a miss.

When you finish, you can equip new cosmetics on the cosmetics tab. This will be the Kill shot Duty uniform only for the upper body.

Reinforcement Tips

  • Complete the mission by collecting all your best shooters on the Dark tide server. This will share every effort to finish the ammunition necessary to complete the mission. The more allies you have, the better.
  • Choose weapons with the least amount of ammunition in the store and low rate of fire to reduce your chances not to get into the target. An ideal weapon for this repentance would be a stab river and a combat shotgun.
  • Obtaining this repentance is a difficult task, so you need to stock up on great patience and time.

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