Pokemon Go: How to catch Galarian Farfetchd during the event Mythic Blade

Ni antic regularly holds new events and holidays in Pokémon Go, in which players can take part.
The last event, Mythic Blade, will add several debut Pokémon, including the new Mythical Elder.
Elder is not the only popular Pokémon that appears at the festival.
The players will have a chance to catch the Galaxy farfetch during an event that is a Pokémon that does not appear too often.

How to catch Malaria Farfetch in Pokémon Go

Malaria Farfetch will be presented in the Mythic Blade event, but only in a special way.
Players will not be able to find this Pokémon in the wild, in egg hatches or in raid battles.

The only way to get Malaria Farfetch is to complete a field study during the event.
The Mythic Blade event has been held from Tuesday, December 6, 2022, until Sunday, December 11, 2022, so players will want to finish field research at this time.


What field research will give Malaria Farfetch in the Mythic Blade event

Players can complete field research, rotating photographs in Posted and gyms, but this does not always lead to the Malaria Farfetch.
Specific field research, for which players will want to follow, are listed below.
If these tasks are not performed during the first rotation, the study can be skipped and launched a new photo discovery to get a new task.
Catch fifteen combat-type Pokémon for Gala Farfetch
Turn on the Pokémon fifteen times (there may be different Pokémon) for Malaria Farfetch
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