5 Tips to Make Sure Your NBA 2K23 Game Is Still Competitive With the Ice Theme

The new NBA 2K game is out, and it’s time for all basketball enthusiasts to get their hands on the latest iteration in the series. It comes with some major changes, but will those changes make your game less competitive with the new ice theme? Find out in this article.

NBA 2K23 has been presented in addition to an ice-theme, which is a nod to the upcoming joyful season.


Gamers can expect a variety of brand-new rewards, events, and obstacles to be presented in the next few weeks. NBA 2K appears to have already started the pattern with the Team Season 3 week 2 events, which offer a variety of rewards for gamers to get. Like every other week, NBA 2K23 has added a variety of new requirements that need to be fulfilled with respect to the gamers that can be used in numerous difficulties.

The following short article includes all the relevant information players require getting ahead in the Team difficulties this week.

NBA 2K23 Team Season 3 Week 2: Everything you need to know

Like every week, gamers are expected to make championship rings by completing various challenges in the Minimal Weekend event. Weekly, a range of requirements restricting the type of gamers that gamers can utilize is updated. This week, the list below requirements exist:

· You might utilize 1 Pink Diamond and 1 Diamond.

· You may use 2 Amethysts

· You should utilize:

  • 2 Rubies
  • 2 Sapphires
  • 2 Emeralds
  • 3 Golds
  • · No Free Agent cards are enabled

Once gamers have actually been chosen, gamers will have the alternative of getting as lots of as 6 championship rings. The following rewards are associated with each of the rings in concern:

  • · One Ring-15x Tokens
  • · 2 Rings-Fire Packs
  • · 3 Rings-Diamond Reward Ball
  • · Four Rings-100x Tokens
  • · Five Rings-25K MT Coins
  • · Six Rings-Limited Team Choice Pack (12 Cards).

This suggests that players just have to keep playing games in the Restricted Weekend occasion in order to get ahead. The Alternative pack makes it possible for gamers to choose among the available 12-player packs. The above benefits can show to be useful in acquiring other packs. Presently, the Ice bag features an overall of 3 legends and 2 pink diamonds and is on offer in the Load Market. All of the above benefits can for that reason prove helpful in assisting players improve their Team squads.

Players can anticipate a variety of brand-new rewards, occasions, and challenges to be introduced in the next couple of weeks. NBA 2K seems to have currently begun the pattern with the Team Season 3 week 2 occasions, which offer a range of benefits for gamers to obtain. Like every week, gamers are anticipated to earn champion rings by finishing different obstacles in the Minimal Weekend occasion. Every week, a variety of requirements restricting the kind of players that gamers can use is upgraded. The Alternative pack makes it possible for players to select one of the readily available 12-player packs.

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