How To Defeat Shrieker And Other Optional Contract Monsters In The Witcher 3

Shrieked, or Beatriz Actually, is one of the many optional contract monsters with which you can fight in The Witcher 3. You can get this sorcerer contract once Crows Perch unlocks in Helen and examine the advertisement board.
The level suggestion for this contract is level 8, and I recommend taking Gerald at least at level 7 before trying this fight.
Here is how to beat Shrieked in The Witcher 3.
Before fighting the Shrieked, be sure to take with you a bomb or a Sanum.
You will need one of these elements to get the monster out of your den.
You will also want to have the sign of Queen ready for the fight.
Once you have done that, follow the score on your map to track the Shrieked to his cave.
Use your sense of sorcerer to identify the chop of the creature and then use the bomb or San to attract it.
Once you have done that, get out of the cave and call your horse to start chasing the monster.

defeating Shrieked in The Witcher 3

When the monster lands, jump from your horse and prepare for a relatively hard battle.
Shrieked’s movement patterns are quite similar to those of the Royal Griffin in the sense that it uses its claws and claws to slide in front of it.
However, the shrieked is much faster and also a little more resistant, which means that you will have to be very careful if you stop in front of him.
The Shrieked also attacks in a much broader arch than the Griffin.


Before starting to attack, activate the Queen sign to avoid receiving damage from the shrieked’s blows.
Since the monster attacks are extremely fast, it will be more difficult to dodge it to the side, which makes it a sign an invaluable tool in this fight.
Another attack that you should be careful is the load attack of the Shrieked.
When the monster stops hitting you and stops on his hind legs, prepare to get off the road.

You will have about half a second before the Shrieked attacks you.
The good news is that if you dodge it successfully, you can get some free blows.
Another thing to keep in mind is that the Shrieked will sometimes try to defend himself with his wings when you attack him in front.
When he does this, it is your opportunity to dodge the beast and hit her in the back.
As long as you stay out of the striker’s reach and remember to launch that every time you run out, you should not have problems demolishing the monster despite its huge health bar.
Once you killed the beast, remember to loot your body to get a trophy and take it to Chest in Crows Perch.
Completing this contract will also grant you the Shrieked trophy.
That is all you need to know about how to beat Shrieked in The Witcher 3. To get more guides, tips, tricks and information about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, be sure to consult our wiki and read our review if you haven’t done it yet.
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