Nintendo Switch Game Lifetime Summary Shows: What You Play And Play Again

The year is finishing and that means that video game companies have begun to release the summaries of each user, which can be seen the outstanding games as well as applications.
Sony was one of the first to mention that the consultation can already be made and of course Nintendo did not want to stay out of the party.
Users can visit the official application that will reveal how many video games tested throughout 2022, to that are added the titles that the player returned to continue spending the large number of hours.
But that is not all, the most played by the user are also included, as well as the most played titles per month.
If you want to consult the information on your account, we invite you to follow the following link.


Via: Nintendo
Editor’s note: In my case I am very surprised that more than 50 hours have passed in Pok√©mon Legends: Areas, with everything and that it did not seem an excessively good game.
Of course, I like Kirby and the Forgotten Land in my statistics.

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