The Biggest Gaming Flop Of 2020: Remembering The Marvel Heroes Game That Failed Spectacularly

Marvel’s Avengers will end in September 2023 and to celeate developers have decided to make all free cosmetics available to players.
It’s not exactly so good for the developer, but the game has had problems since before its release in 2020.

Marvel’s Avengers will end in 2023

  • March 2023: Last online update
  • September 30, 2023: Support closure and any online service
    The game will be fully offline and single player.
    Also, even digital sales will be interrupted.
    You can still play and even buy (if you find) the game in the future, but it will have no more content update.
    After update 2.8, which will soon come, players will have a balance adjustment (if they have invested in the game) and all the store cosmetics, even real money, will be available for free.
    In September the possibility of playing online ceases, as well as any type of support.
    Digital sales will also cease.

Those who buy the game later will also have access to free cosmetics.

How did it start?

In fact, Marvel’s Avengers had been facing challenges since before its release.
By 2020 his debut was unsuccessful and the game, as well as much criticism, had a very low number of players.
Even he got to the point of having no player playing the game, something that doesn’t happen with online games.
Given everything, Marvel’s game with Square Enix proved to be problematic and unconscious.
This made the developers decide to close the doors of the servers.
Unfortunately, the game could not rise, as has happened to other titles.


Even available on multiple platforms and as a free game on PS Plus, the number of online players and transactions is not enough to make a profit.
Both Marvel and Square Enix follow with other projects and seem to have many goals in mind, even after this little productive partnership.

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