LLA Week 2: Will The Eagles Fly High Again? An Analysis of the Changes in the Teams and Their Potential for Battle

The second week of clashes between the teams of the LA begins, after seeing a very interesting start where the squads presented the work done throughout the preseason to prepare in a better way in the competition, after a few days of training we will see
What things changed within the mental of the squads to seek victory.

First undefeated game of the LA

Starting with the confrontation of Astral against Infinity where we would see an overwhelming game by the Eagles with Acre that showed its potential with KĀ“Santa in the upper part to create good opportunities for its squad during the battles per team, a game where
Astral would not grant casualties making its potential clear to take the victory.
For the second map we would see a similar story but now with a SAME creating chaos with its Virus and the precision it manages to be able to climb very good way in the encounter in order to take control of the situation getting 2-0 against infinity.


The Shark Resurge

The second contest would be between Team AZE against Taurus with a very busy start where the Aces took the lead but little by little the shark roar was present with Kane’s pressure with his Silas to be able to take the definitive rivals to use them in a good way
During the clashes giving an advantage to their companions who took the opportunity to take victory.
In the second game, things changed from the beginning because the sharks searched for how to press a better way by taking a Kalist for Gavotte which worked in a very good way to get quick climbing and leading to AZE defeat
A 2-0.
Concluding in this way the first day of the second week within the maximum Latin league where we could see great clashes but with domain of two of the squads, a team of astral that takes the lead and is positioned at the tip of the table such as the only team that still does not know defeat, on the other hand there are still games today that can make a difference for the squads.

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