Nexon Games Puts its Foot Down On Development Strengthening with 300 Recruitments – Introducing Nexorial Internship

Nixon Games announced that it will strengthen its development capabilities by hiring 300 people this year.

Since its launch as an integrated corporation on March 31 last year, Nixon Games has been packed with more than 1,000 development studios through Nixon Company’s internship program ‘BEFORE’, and since its establishment, Nixon Games has ‘First Dependent’ and ‘Bale’
He announced the D Expert, God sum: Clash of At, and five new works: ‘Project DX’ using ‘Durango’ IP and ‘Dungeon & Fighter’ IP-based Open World Action RPG ‘Project DW’
Prepared to become a major developer of Nixon Company.

The recruitment will be held continuously for 2023, and will be held from time to time for all occupations from client/server programming, art, planning, business, and management support.
More details related to hiring, such as eligibility and preferences, will continue to be announced on the Nixon Games recruitment site.


Among them, the recruitment is expected to select the number of people related to ‘Project DW’ and ‘Project DX’, which are continuing to develop under the three other project names that have been revealed in the game name.
An official of Nixon Games said, We want to strengthen our development capabilities by securing excellent talents, and all five projects are also completely completed.

Meanwhile, Nixon Games is currently preparing for the two titles ‘First Dependent’ and ‘Bale Expert’ with a significant amount of game-related information, and is working on the final work with the goal of launching in 2023.

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