Back 4 Blood: Turtle Rock Studios Announces Its Sad Departure After Just One Year

Back 4 Blood will continue to work, naturally.
In fact, Back 4 Blood is presently used on the PlayStation more premium and extra levels and available as part of the Xbox Game Pass.
You will also discover us constantly in the Subreddit and on Discord, as well as on our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Official Website, since we like to interact with you and speak about our video games.

We will be a little more discreet in the coming months, we promise that we will be back, larger, more bold and better than ever!
Of course, lots of individuals are asking questions about the nature of their next project.
Hopefully the studio is trying something more initial than a shooter with contaminated.

What a year 2022 unbelievable was for us.
To start with, all of us wanted to thank you for doing back 4 Blood what it is today.
With three extensions-Tunnels of Fear, Kid of the Worm and River of Blood-We have actually taken a trip together in a great adventure beyond the walls of Fort Hope.

This stage of our war against the climbs up is now concerning an end.

Introduced on October 12, 2021, Back 4 Blood only lasted a big year in regard to longevity.
In a message posted on their main website, Turtle Rock Studios announces the end of the follow-up for his shoot coop with lots of zombies, the developers wishing to go to another project, their next new video game. The studio is unfortunately not
Considerable adequate to continue to feed Black 4 Blood and work at the very same time on their new game. Certainly, the studio thanks the community and defines that the game will continue to be available.

Turtle Rock Studios is really little enough for an AAA video game development studio.
We do not have sufficient individuals to continue dealing with the content of Back 4 Blood while we create another game-Yeah, another game!
Provided this, it is time for us to lower our heads, return to the laboratory and get to deal with the next excellent thing.
Intrepid Cleaners, it is not a farewell.


Greetings, cleaners!

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