How To Get A Hand With An Ax In Roblox Pixel Piece: A Step-By-Step Guide

The main goal of Roblox Pixel Piece is to increase the level and continue to become stronger, and getting better equipment is an important part of the gameplay.


Because of this, many novice players are constantly wondering how to get an ax of a hand, a powerful weapon available already at 15. However, players have problems with finding weapons.
The following is described how to get it.

Where can I get a hand with an ax at Roblox Pixel Piece?

Shells Town

The place where you need to go to get Ax Hand is an island called Shells Town.
However, in order to get here, you must first reach the level of 15. The best ways to achieve level 15 and above are listed in our manual at the maximum level of Roblox Pixel Piece.
Achieving 15 level is a requirement to leave the island on which you appear, so it will be easy while you perform quests there.
From here you may have to perform quests and grind up to the level of 45. Although you can definitely go directly to the location of the hand with the organ ax, he will most likely wash the floor with you at the 15th level.
That is why the 45th level is mandatory for the adoption of NPC.
Ranabanakvest to destroy a hand with an ax of the Organ.
After accepting, the hand with an ax of the Organ can be found at the far end of the island, as far from the village of Shells-Town as much as possible.

Boss with Boss Organ, hand with an ax, Roblox, a piece of pixel

Ax Hand Organ is not a trifle.
He has high health, he inflicts solid damage and has two powerful attacks: one inflicts huge constant damage, and the other serves to control the crowd:
Spin ax-the hand with an ax Organ begins to quickly rotate with an outstretched hand with an ax, causing great damage to everyone who fell into rotation.
This attack is very dangerous, and you need to run away from the Organ when he uses it.
A crushing ax-a hand with an ax Organ hits the ground with his hand with an ax, causing damage and throwing up everyone who is next to him into the air.

The key to victory in this battle is to read the attacks of the Organ.
The Spin Ax attack can be circumvented, but you must be sure that you are running away quickly, since only a few seconds in its range can be destructive.
As for the Smasher Axe, unfortunately, this is the ability of instant use, but in itself it should not apply significant damage.

abilities Roblox Pixel Piece Ax Hand

A hand with an ax is a very cool weapon for players, since it has both special abilities of a hand with an ax of the Organ from the battle.
The first of these abilities is called a spin of an ax, and, as the name implies, this is a quick rotating attack of the hand with an ax.
This attack causes constant damage to everyone who comes too close, and you can move while using it.
The second attack is called crushing axes in the same way as when it was used by the hand with the organ ax, this ability breaks the ground and throws the closest enemies into the air, causing damage.
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