How To Reset And Remove Fruits In Robloxs Pixel Piece Adventure – A Step-By-Step Guide

Pixel Piece, inspired by the popular anime and manga.
One piece, invites players to challenge the unknown sea, explore many unique islands and collect tons of powerful weapons, objects and fruits along the way.
With so many of these fruits that you can find and equip, the knowledge of how to remove one of them is crucial, so we created a short guide below, which describes in detail how to do it.
Continue to read to find out more.

How to remove fruits in Pixel Piece

To remove/reset the fruit in the Pixel Piece, you must get to the central port and talk there with the NPC Fruit Reset.
This island can be found by leaving the pixel island and heading south.


After passing Orange-Town, continue moving south, and in the end you should see the central port at a distance.
As soon as you get to the central port, pay attention to the NPC standing on the pier.
This NPS, Ksenokayudalit your current fruit for 1,500 gold.
Now that your fruit is removed, you can collect and use any fruit of your own choice, which will allow you to explore a completely new set of abilities!
Station NPC, POO-W0PP, is also located on the central port;
The conversation with him will drop all your current characteristics for 2000 gold.
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