Pokemon Smash or Pass: Edición Whoh Whoever – Stacey Henley & Joe Parlock Battle it Out in Sinnoh with a 50/50 Edge!

Our two humble Pokémon destroyers have arrived in Singh and continue to declare the ability to crush each Pokémon as they reach half the way.
Our editor-in-chief, Stacey Henley, won at one time, but the indecision of Pokémon on which 50/50 has left our much more brave table editor, Joe Warlock, with an advantage of 18 overwhelming 18.
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Both Stacey and Joe have declared Singh as their least favorite region, but will that influence their desire to succeed?
They are pointing at least a 25 percent crushing rate, with Stacey currently in a solid 28 percent and Joe in 32.6 percent much safer, or perhaps more shameful.
Stacey: I will never choose the first stage of a headline.

Joe: Strong jaw, but still absolutely not.
388 growl
Joes: I think this could be the earliest success in any generation so far?
Anyway, Wrote manages to avoid the uncomfortable teenage phase and seems fun.
Stacey: Interesting, I wondered if I could take an early initiative, because I like the energy of this rascal.
Also, a success.
389 Monterrey
Stacey: However, it becomes a bit exaggerated when it evolves, it is a pass here.
Joe: My Rule of Big will also make me advance in Singh?
Monterrey is all the good of Wrote, but more.


390 Chitchat
Joe: I hate this little thing with passion.

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