Maya Yoshida Welcomes the End of Partner Exchange | Feat Accomplished by Fortuna Düsseldorf in Front of Schalke 04 | Three Times 0-0 in a Row

Three times 0-0 on the very first three round of second round?
This has not yet been carried out in front of FC Schalke 04, a minimum of not directly in a row.
An appearance at the match day history reveals that Fortuna Düsseldorf played 0-0 on the video game days 18, 19 and 20 of the 1976/77 season against FC Bayern, Contract Braunschweig and Tube Berlin, as well as 1. FC Cologne 1995/96
Versus Schalke, Düsseldorf and the Hamburg Sweden game days, the Dusseldorf and Cologne did not be successful directly.
In this regard, FC Schalke has now been successful between January 29 and February 10, 2023, at the start of a historical 2nd half of the season.
Maya Yeshiva is naturally pleased about the flawless defense balance versus Cologne, Playback and Wolfsburg, the main protector emphasizes Schalke’s protective stability as really positive and for that reason states: We are on the best track.
The Gelsenkirchen stayed in the 1st league in their runner-up season 2017/18, a minimum of as often in a row without conceding conceded without conceding conceded: against Leverkusen and Freiburg (2-0) along with Bertha, Mainz and Wolfsburg (1-0).

It’s challenging to alter the partners nearly every video game

Maya Yeshiva
The brand-new bulwark also explains Yeshiva by the fact that the continuous part of the partner in Schalke’s central defense has now come to an end.
It is hard to alter almost every game, we did more frequently in the very first part of the season, states the Japanese World Cup participant.

This is what this looks like in the 10 league video games under Frank Kramer (each with a view of the starting eleven): On match day 1 (1: 3 in Cologne), Yeshiva protected in the inside with Marcin Kaminski, on match day 2, Fourth and 3rd
Playback (2: 2), Wolfsburg (0: 0) and Union Berlin (1: 6) with Malice Thaw, on 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th match day versus Stuttgart (1: 1), Bochum (3:
1), Dortmund (0: 1) and Augsburg (2: 3) with Sept van den Berg, on match day 9 and 10th versus Leverkusen (0: 4) and Cofferdam (0: 3) with Leo Real.
Under Kramer’s successor Thomas Was was Henning Patrician until the end of the first round of Yeshiva.
With the 3 no numbers at the start of the 2nd half of the season, Yeshiva was able to count on Moritz Benz at his side.


Was states Benz Making Yeshiva more stable, Yeshiva likewise applauded his adjacent guy: He is knowledgeable however young. And has a calm manner in which is generally helpful for our video game.
Will Schalke, who has to compete at Union Berlin on Sunday (3:30 p.m., live! At ), with the aid of Yeshiva and Benz now the first club to play 0-0 4 times in a row?
No team has actually yet handled in the Bundesliga.
Fortuna Düsseldorf played against Playback, Stuttgart and Freiburg (second to 4th match day) in August and September 2012.

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