Official: Disney Confirms Development of Frozen 3 – All the Details Here

It is not a secret that Disney’s animation division was not a success last year.
Films like Light year and Strange World were a box office failure.
Thus, Bob Tiger, who has returned as the company’s CEO, has revealed that they plan to give greater support to their most successful series, such as Frozen, which will have a third installment.

During the recent Board of Investors of Disney, Tiger revealed that new Toy Story, Frozen and Utopia films are already under development.
Although there are no more details for the moment, the CEO said that soon more information will be announced.
Considering that the most recent deliveries of these three series exceeded one billion dollars at the box office, this should not be a big surprise.
Frozen 2 managed to raise $1.4 billion, and do not forget all the money generated in merchandise.
Thus, a third installment, something that has been rumored for years, makes a lot of sense.
For its part, Utopia obtained $1.02 billion, something impressive, being a completely new property at the time.
Along with this, the Disney+ series made it clear that fans do want to see a new installment.
However, Toy Story 5 is something that has had a negative reception.
Although the fourth installment obtained $1.07 billion, the critical reception was not as positive as expected, something that is probably repeated with the new delivery.
We can only wait for more information about these three projects.
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Similarly, Disney carries out mass dismissals.
Editor’s note:
I was never a big Frozen fan.
However, I cannot deny that a third film makes sense.
The second was able to expand this universe and show us a little more of the characters.
If the new tape is able to do this once again, the reception is likely to be positive.
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