3 Fabulous Steam Releases This Week: Monster-Hunter Fans Will Be Thrilled!

Steam players can be especially pleased this week: Not only will a video game appear in a few days, which particularly monster-Hunter fans are eagerly anticipating, and an award-winning PlayStation hit also goes on the PC.
After all, there is the remake of a really special traditional strategy.


Today there is something for everyone on Steam.
With Wild Hearts, for example, a game goes into the release that Monster Hunter might hardly be more-and it looks quite good in the photos and in the trailer.
We’ll show you the 3 most exciting releases today.

Wild Hearts: Launch on February 16

In Wild Hearts whatever screams Monster Hunter!, Beginning from the video game mechanics to the massive beasts that need to be eliminated with the right strategy.
The unique thing: Wild Hearts lets you utilize the ancient innovation Karakul, with which you construct huge traps and equipment incredibly quickly that make your battle simpler in an individual way.
Enjoy wild hearts on Steam.
Take a look at 7 minutes gameplay for Wild Hearts:
Wild Hearts-7 minutes gameplay

Return: Release on February 15th

Yes, Return has already been released, but-which is certainly particularly popular with PC players-only on the PlayStation consoles.
On February 15, the extremely well-known science fiction shooter is lastly launched on Steam.
Return is everything about a mysterious time loop.
The lead character Selene is simply surviving such a crash landing on a foreign planet, however now has to find a way back home.
The journey not only leads them through ancient civilizations, however is also incredibly unsafe due to the foreign creatures.
When she craves the very first time, one thing ends up being clear: it remains in a time loop that in some way constantly changes.
See return on Steam.
Look in the trailer for Return:
Returnal-Official PC statement trailer

Pharaoh: A New Era-Release on February 15th

The method traditional Pharaoh from 1999 gets a remake with enforced graphics and modernized video game mechanics.
Pharaoh: A brand-new age lets you build and establish a massive Egyptian civilization, whereby you are driving with your neighbors, need to withstand plagues and even see gods on your streets.
Easily you simply don’t mad.

Pharaoh: look at a brand-new period on Steam.
Look in the trailer for Pharaoh: A New era:
Pharaoh: a new era-game evolution trailer
Next week then will be launched, a secret horror shooter that has been expected hot for a while.
February remains crammed with releases.
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