Episode 7 of The Last of Us Features Naughty Dog Easter Egg Shoutout


The Last people episode 7 includes a really specific shoutout to the game. Spoilers in advance!

At one factor in the episode, which is largely a flashback to Ellie’s life in the QC, Ellie is given a stern speaking to by a FEDORA authorities, who warns that, at the rate she’s going, her future isn’t hosting likely to be very bright.

In a blink and also you’ll miss it moment, however, a distinctive red paw print can be seen on a caring on the FEDORA person’s desk. That’s the logo for Naughty Dog, the programmer of The Last of United States Part 1 and also 2. Look into an image of the moment below.

Naughty Dog logo at 7:25 in tonight’s episode! From r/thelastofus

The Last of Us has just 2 episodes staying, and also the trailer for episode 8 teases an action-packed, scary headache for Ellie as she should encounter a group of frightening survivors al1. Joel, meanwhile, is recuperating from his nasty stab injury, though thanks to some fast stitching from Ellie, will survive the strike.

Examine out our overview to all the differences between the episode and also the video game if you’re up to speed up on episode 7. You can additionally fill out your watch list with our guide to the most effective Netflix reveals to stream now.

While that could be one of the most subtle of Easter eggs, The Last people television show has actually so far been extremely loyal to the video game– although it has actually made some substantial discrepancies, like concentrating an episode on Costs as well as Frank’s love story. Moments from the video game have been recreated with wonderful accuracy, consisting of the most heartbreaking scene in the show so much.

Thankfully, however, The Last people have currently been renewed for period 2, so although completion of season 1 is quick approaching, Joel and Ellie’s trip will certainly continue.

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