Genshin Impact: Windblume Festival and the Collection of Aliens – Vetrov Festival Guide

The infamous Windblown festival in Ronstadt is one of the biggest annual events by Gen shin Influence, which brings brand-new pals and also acquaintances to the nation of freedom.


To participate in the celebration, you require meeting the initial encounter a windshield (job of the event) called Collection of strangers.

Exactly how to unlock the mission an event of Outlander Windblown in Gen shin Influence

To unlock the first job of the occasion at the Windblown event, you should meet the following problems:
Get to the ranking of adventure 18 or greater
Total the prologue of the Arching quest: Act III- The Tune of the Dragon and also Freedom.
Not always: complete the mission of the arching, chapter III: Act Takashi Pulsation, climb of the fire of Calla.
It is optional: to fulfill the plot quest Albedo, the head of Princes Cretaceous: Act I-a record on the monitoring of a vacationer.
If you have actually not met additional requirements, go to the occasions menu and also click the quick beginning switch button.
Or else, you automatically unlock the Windblown pursuit called A Gathering of Outlander.

How to perform a mission a gathering of Outlander Windblown in Genshin Impact

Having actually accepted the quest, go to the guild of the experience of Ronstadt’s journey to talk with Katherine, who, however, has no orders for you throughout the wind festival.
Instead, sucrose comes and also asks for your help.
After the discussion, go to the water fountain to welcome a colleague who has actually simply gotten here in the city.
As soon as the dialog section ends, most likely to eviction to meet Dino and also Signori, and also ultimately with Albedo.
After that chat with Sarah to a good seeker to order food.
Go towards the camping near the Ronstadt angling association contrary Side Lake.
After a lengthy discussion, you need to visit an angel to discover a valve.

The shutoff is behind the share of the angel, with the staircases causing the Board of the Track Record of Ronstadt.
You can also find a bar according to the symbol in the form of a glass on the map of the world and a mini-card.
Having actually chatted with him, speak with the sucrose is situated near the fountain.
On this job, the event finishes, opening accessibility to 3 activities in which you can participate during the event:
Floral persecution
Ballads concerning Wind
Fresh pictures
The remaining meetings with Windblown Encounters will likewise be opened throughout the period of the event, so do not neglect to listen to finish the history of this year.
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